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UN Certified FIBC Bags

UN Certified FIBC Bags are specially designed and constructed for transportation of dangerous materials. These are made in strict compliance with the United Nation’s recommendations for the transport of dangerous goods.

There are four types of FIBCs for dangerous goods:

  • 13H1: woven PP without coating & without liner
  • 13H2: woven PP, coated & without liner
  • 13H3: woven PP, uncoated & with liner
  • 13H4: woven PP, coated & with liner

Tests that are applied on the bags in order to verify UN requirements are as follows:

  • Tear test- 100mm tear is made on the side of the FIBC which is filled with the maximum load. The bag is then filled with twice its maximum load for five minutes. At the end, the FIBC is suspended with its SWL for another five minutes
  • Top lift test- Loaded with six times the maximum load
  • Stacking test- Bag with maximum load is further loaded with 1.8 times the permissible weight 
  • Topple test- FIBC with the maximum load is toppled from a height of 80 cm or 120 cm depending on the material packed inside
  • Drop test- FIBC with the maximum load is dropped from a height of 80 cm or 120 cm in an upright position
  • Righting test- Post toppling, FIBC with the maximum load is lifted to an upright position on one or two loops

Used For Packing :

  • Animal Feed
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste Materials
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals

Product Details :

Surface TreatmentPolished
CertificationUN certified

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